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Abarth 124 Spider Rally

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The King of the rally is back

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Rear-wheel drive performance

A love letter to all enthusiasts drivers which share our same racing values and passion for challenges. After 40 years of its last official race at the 1976 Rallye Monte-Carlo, the Abarth 124 rally is back with the same approach: to test technical solutions for the road even in extreme conditions, in order to guarantee Abarth customers performance excellence with the utmost reliability.

Abarth 124 Spider Rally Abarth 124 Spider Rally

Racing Spec


Engine 1.8
twin-cam Turbo

Abarth Squadra Corse
racing team

Rear-wheel drive
and vehicle balance

Abarth 124 Spider Rally



Rallying exposes vehicles to extreme stress. This is why the standard mechanical design has been further developed: the quadrilateral at the front top and rear multi links provide specific kinematics, with metal spindle for maximum driving precision, ample specific angles adjustments and greater travel to tackle different road surfaces. The adjustable shocks, the 18” Michelin tires and the Brembo braking system are all aimed to return a fun driving feel without compromising the driver’s safety.

Abarth 124 Spider Rally



The engineers of the Squadra Corse racing team have worked on the nimble road-going Abarth 124 to make it become a serious competitor in the rally arena. Being approved for the category FIA R-GT, he engineers of the Squadra Corse racing team have worked on the nimble road-going Abarth 124 to make it become a serious competitor in the rally arena. Being approved for the category FIA R-GT, the car has been fitted with a safety “roll cage” and structural reinforcements to guarantee better resistance to stresses and increased safety for the crew.
The entire project was aimed to reach maximum efficiency and optimal ergonomics, ensuring both the driver and navigator not only exciting performance, but also an optimized cabin layout for commands and standard equipment. Small details, always make the difference.

Abarth 124 Spider Rally

Engine 1.8 twin-cam Turbo


Thanks to several engine mapping settings, its power delivery is of 300hp with an excellent torque curve. A crucial feature for the driver, which will help him to manage the car behavior while cornering.
It is capable of scorching acceleration and breathtaking performance, enhanced by the engaging noise coming out of the exhaust.
It has been engineered to guarantee reliability and consistent performance under the challenging conditions typical of a rally: mud, snow, water and extreme temperatures do not have to affect the engine power output.
The transmission was also developed to enhance performance: the engine is paired with a quick 6-speed automatic transmission. It features also a mechanical self-locking differential,to reduce wheelspin for maximum traction even on slippery surfaces.

Abarth 124 Spider Rally

abarth squadra corse racing team


To win in the world of motorsport, it is fundamental to have the best team. This is why Abarth has always been committed to racing, intended not only to increase brand awareness, but most importantly as “performance training on the job” for our technicians and engineers. A necessary commitment to always make sure that the Scorpion customers get the emotion, adrenaline and performance that only an Abarth is capable of.
The Squadra Corse racing team has also selected the best technical partners and most suited sponsors to work on this project. The combination of passion and competence has made the Abarth 124 Rally a dream come true.

Abarth 124 Spider Rally

Rear-wheel drive and vehicle balance


A RWD car once again. Synonym of agility and fun to drive. An extraordinary showcase of racing engineering. The Squadra Corse has worked very hard to achieve specific objectives: reduce weight and increase the car balance. For this reason, the engine is mounted behind the front axle.
The interior and engine compartment have undergone through a major restyling, eliminating anything that was superfluous with the use of light but high-resistance materials. Also the roof has been replaced by a composite hard top.
With these improvements, weight distribution now has a slight prevalence towards the rear to ensure optimal traction, even in low-grip conditions. The center of gravity has been lowered further down to deliver better road holding and enhanced handling.